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The idea of Crafwizz came into being when some like minded friends, all passionate about Art and Craft, took on this project of creating a comprehensive blog detailing the ins and outs of crafting. The parameters of artistic choices change significantly according to our age, taste and the artistic choice that we make. Especially based on the scale and gravity of our projects, crafting requires different kinds of solution. If you want to take your craftsmanship to a professional level, you need the best supplies to back up your ambitions. With the slogan ‘Your personal wizard for craft solution’, our goal is to become a one stop service provider for all types of craft solutions. We want to do the leg works for you for making your job easier and help you finding the best craft supply for your project. Apart from that our goal is also to monetize this blog and as such we will also provide craft related product reviews. This will help the consumers searching for the best quality product for themselves or their loved ones.

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