Best Dream Catchers For Your Dream House

Top Dream Catchers

As the name suggests, a dream catcher captures your dreams before they reach you. But don’t worry they won’t stop you from having sweet and happy dreams. According to the myth, dream catchers confiscate the bad dreams which eliminate night terrors and all the negativities around your room. But apart from the myth and all, […]

Pottery Making Basics: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Pottery Making basics for beginners

Pottery making is a very old art of using clay to make wonderful objects. Over the years interest in pottery making has grown among individuals of all ages. Pottery making is a wonderful hobby that helps will relax and a great way of meditation for many. This allows you to create unique pieces that are […]

Legal Guidelines for Starting a Craft Business in the US

Making a living off your hobby can be amazing. If you are great with crafts and handiworks, you could eat, breathe and live off your hobby of crafts instead of doing it in your free time. But like most other things in life, a craft business doesn’t come that easy. Starting and sustaining a business […]

Learn to Paint Glass Bottles & Jars: A Complete Guide

Glass bottles have become extremely popular for DIY projects in the last few years. With a little creativity, you can re-purpose the glass bottles as string light holders, unique table centerpieces, and a number of other inventive items. While a lot of people use glass bottles for their creative projects, few realize how awesome glass […]

Role of Art and Craft for the Development of Children

The first five years of your child’s life are the most crucial phase for his or her development. This is the time when a child’s brain develops faster than any other phase in his life. This is the time when your child’s brain creates millions of connections that lay down the foundation for his life […]