Best janome Sewing machine for quilting

7 Best Janome Sewing Machine For Quilting in 2021

Have you ever looked for the best Janome sewing machine for quilting on the internet before? Well, as the brand is becoming correlated with consistency, so, you are not alone in this race. For experienced sewers and all kinds of quilting, it is a commodity that everybody believes in.

To perform the wonderful functions and exceptional results, these machines are famous. The finest quilting systems from Janome will prove your creations stand out. 

Among the most industrious instruments in the world are sewing and quilting devices. At a certain phase, practically all the outfits you have ever been purchased have passed through a needle and thread. 

For quite a long period, sewing tools have been in use and they go through technological advancements as well. In this direction, many of the most common sewing or quilting machines are the Janome Stitching Machinery.

Effectively, there’s no doubt, that Janome generates pretty good sewing tools for quilting. The dilemma here is, how do you choose the correct one out of several alternatives? So, this is the main purpose of writing this article to assist you in choosing the right product!

01. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Stitching Machine

This Janome 4120QDC computerized machine is known as one of the most advanced and latest machines. With 120 pre-designed threads, the options are limitless, as you can design yarn labeling and more about the developed script. Now, quilting a Doddle for you is convenient with a display setting.

Integrated with the fast-set top-loading spool device that is jam-proof, it is easy to operate your spool. You just need to navigate the route and the Bobbin string will be pulled up instantly by the device.

Some Most Appealing Features

Since the spool device is highly-constructed so, you do not need to think about slipping off the side of your venture. At the press of a button, the string breaker knob would cut off both the left and right sides fabric. That’s so cool!

Moreover, for strengthened quilting, the backward quilting key will also have your instrument sewed in sequence. The fabric you are quilting is completed by the lock stitch press, so you do not probably wind up with such a thread template.

At the press of a finger, the arrow up/down switch may push the catheter up or down. Without any requirement for foot power, the finish click will power the system! This gadget is genuinely an impressive, automated needle threader filled with features. Thus, it will meet the requirements of even the most skilled and competitive techniques and machines for quilting.

More precision in elegant stitching and delicate performance in all quilting is possible with the convenient system preferences. At rates of up to 820 quilting per minute, the thread performance is outstanding.


  • Comes with a hard case for convenient transportation
  • The built-in high-quality stitches 
  • Drop feed dogs
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent needle threader


  • Average customer support service

Final Verdict

All the features and methods of sewing clothes with this machine are very simple and easy. While the unique built-in characteristics can make you feel good with any stitching and quilting difficulty. So, you can easily buy this product for the stylish stitching of your clothes.

02. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

If you review the efficiency of the machine tools at Janome, you can see that 2212 is amongst the most reasonable machines for quilting. Besides that, as this is of great quality, so, don’t overlook it for an inexpensive, lesser needle and thread.

It comes loaded with 14-size hooks and ten spools. A hundred loops are installed in it that you can pick quickly with either the aid of a button. The Janome is an industry-standard solid contributor available at a reasonable price!

Some Most Appealing Features

There are 12 built-in stitching and a four-step safety pin in this hydraulic unit. It has toggle design collection and modification of thread size and thickness. Thus, with this properly listed quilting collection button, picking a thread is very simple.  It lets you adjust the size and shape of your quilting as well.

Besides, the diameter of the Diagonal stitching that offers total control out over the stitching and quilting procedure can be changed. This automatic stitching machine for quilting may have a basic interface, but even with continuous operation, it is powerful and will not disintegrate.

This best machine for quilting 2021 is permanently designed and provides stable operation. The machine is also maintenance-free, so you have to just clean the container for the spool.

Furthermore, it can quilt across various types of clothing, unlike most other entrance-level tools. So many comfort aspects are also involved in the construction of this unit. These features include a sheathed sword for knitting across pants waistbands and other hard-to-reach areas.


  • Strong and stable machine
  • Provide consistent stitches
  • Presser’s feet included
  • Well-designed automatic needle threader
  • The machine has a free arm


  • Not found yet

Final Verdict

Having said that, the item is not terrible off. In this evaluation, it is the highest-rated sewing tool for quilting. This can be linked to the convenience of use, which makes it appropriate for learners once again. So, do not delay and bring it to your home to make your quilting easy today!

03. Janome 3160QDC Sewing Machine

For every form of regular sewing and quilting, home decor, designer clothing, hodgepodge, and needlework, the Janome has been made. The ideal selection of stitches for any job is given by 60 built-in stitches, namely 6 drawstrings. Let’s talk about the product in detail!

This tool is an amazing, feature-packed automated needle threader with an LCD screen. This will meet the requirements of all the skilled and competitive beauticians. With heavy pressure, successful ventures start, you can configure your pressure with the measurement stress button.

Some Most Appealing Features

More clarity in stylish threads and amazing fine variations in all threads are possible with the Convenient Settings Menu. This kind of direct detailing can be easily selected with such a 7mm thread width.

Furthermore, the external storage container transforms a sheathed sword into this unit. For quilting small holes such as a cape or pleat, a pair of trousers, it is perfect. The Hard Covering reward maintains your system safe when in processing and free of debris.

Numbers and symbols notations and figures continue to add your creations with custom finishes. The diagrams written on the device can be followed and the machine can easily thread. You can utilize the pre-designed needle notch wrench to have the string into the eye of the needle easily.

For additional quilting and workspace, this best sewing machine for quilting works seamlessly with an extended panel. At rates of up to 820 quilting per minute, the quilting performance is superb. The unique built-in applications will give you comfort with almost every stitching or quilting obstacle.


  • Provide excellent results.
  • Lightweight sewing machine
  • Portable and simple to operate
  • Knee Lift
  • Drop feed and Superior Feed System (SFS)


  • Easy to break the thread

Final Verdict

With the needles up/down functionality, you can rotate on edges, regulate the peak switching frequency, and instantly string the thread. In short, this will provide you everything you need to render your stitching smoother.

04. Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Sewing Machine

The automated Janome JW8100 stitching machine for quilting is the ideal machine to conquer your first stitching venture. The cutting-edge engineering of the system ensures that initiatives are captured with strength, specificity, and trust.

You can use the integrated needle mandrel, height-adjustable raise, auto-declutch screws sprocket and 7mm loop diameter of this Janome JW8100 machine. A backlighting Control panel with quick access buttons allows it a convenience to pick needles.

Some Most Appealing Features

You can consider a start/stop quilting button-through foot control and a reversing click straight by the handle. The Simple Comfort controls are placed right by the catheter. There is even an up/down switch for the turning thread lever and encounter.

The innovative electric sewing machine for quilting from Janome incorporates advanced equipment that is suitable for initiating DIY stitching. It can manage a range of tasks requested by an old acquaintance. The machine is also easy to maintain, so you do need to vacuum the container for the shaft.

Moreover, a reasonably priced kit provides you with incentive gadgets. These gadgets are as the additional amount Extended Table, Hardened Covering, Even Feeding Feet, and Fourth Inches Foot.

The Specialty Metallic Thread Layer guarantees seamless loading of the fabric and correct seam allocations. The vertical, fully enclosed motor hooked decode with glass material can also be seen. The jam-proof quilting device enables you to easily stitch or quilt the pattern.


  • Six one-step buttonholes
  • High presser foot lift
  • Extension table
  • Darning foot and walking foot included
  • Speed control slider


  • Useless dust cover

Final Verdict

The transparent spool cover enables you to track the distribution of rivet strings. Thus, all the features and specifications are great to get the outstanding outcomes for quilting and sewing.

05. Janome MOD-30 Computerized Machine

There are 30 constructed loops in the MOD-30 stitching tool, namely 3 one-step drawstrings. All these features enable it the ideal instrument for you to use your artistic skills. Embroidering new clothing, home décor, and knits will enable a new start.

Thus, time-saving functionalities such as the start/stop click, the simple reversing trigger, and the securing thread allow quick completion of your ventures. You will achieve consistent outcomes with expert-level specifications such as the 7-piece feed dog package and the specialized needles cover.

Some Most Appealing Features

Four press conference toes and more supplies guarantee that all the supplies you have to get stitched are available. Traditional and design, needlework, artifact, all the threads you’ll get to build your creations and configure them.

The ideas into reality are done automatically for the volume of your push when you’re using the one-step needle threader leg. This automated seamstress selects the best quilting configurations when you choose one of the 30 quilting for your venture. No speculation whatsoever!

Moreover, the expandable space storage transforms an arm extended into this tool. For quilting small holes such as sleeves or darning a pair of shorts, it is perfect. With only the flip of a button, it will reduce the feeding dogs for custom fit quilting and needlework.

When circular quilting and fixing knit fabrics, you can even use the dropped feeding functionality. The jam-proof spool device helps you to rapidly keep established to stitch/quilt.


  • Automatic thread tension control
  • Very powerful cover-stitch machine
  • Has a very robust build
  • The free-arms stitching
  • Work on thick seams conveniently


  • Less reliability and durability

Final Verdict

Besides, skip-free quilting and optimal longevity are guaranteed by the metallic inward assembly. You will get a sense of security with 25-year warranty coverage. So, what else you are expecting from this?

06. Janome Sewist 721 Sewing Machine

If you’d prefer a manual needle and thread of excellent quality, the Janome Sewist 721 sewing machine for quilting is a durable product for you. This Janome Stitching Machine has 19 common stitching, a screw upper rise, and a hole with four-step buttons.

Several really pleasant technologies you generally find on more expensive equipment are also included in this unit. The tool’s stitching and quilting speed are up to 830 stitching per minute and the device has established edging for the quilting indicator button.

Some Most Appealing Features

The instructions written on the system can be followed and made the quilting easy. To bring the threads through narrow passages easily, you can use the pre-designed needle mandrel.

Moreover, the unit has an automated network maker, apart from the drawstrings and elegant threads, and a rehearsed up/down handle. This provides great storage and also arrives with an extended table, so when the needle starts felting, you can feel relaxed.

It has a projector where you can easily see the chosen pattern. In a way to produce your job smoother, it arrives with a loop threader as well as has a reversible arrangement.

Also, the configuration controls can be used to choose quilting, length, and diameter, and the suggested press conference step is also shown. The Preference Quilting rapid handles are placed below as plain thread, central ZigZag, drizzly, simple buttonhole. It will transcribe your quilting designs with the M trigger.


  • The machine has impressive stitching speed
  • A very strong and robust build
  • Very convenient threading chart
  • A large assortment of sewing accessories
  • Easy to convert the fabric into a rolling hem


  • Less sewing time and speed

Final Verdict

Apart from the lack of resources, a major complaint is inadequate storage in the stitching machines. Surprisingly, with this method, this is not going to be problematic. So, this is the major reason, I recommend you this sewing machine for quilting!

07. Janome Sewing Machine

This Janome often takes the lead when you evaluate the Janome stitching or quilting tools. This is an industrial-strength needle threader, which will hardly cause disappointment. It has 18 stitching built-in configurations, so you can select one that meets your requirements and pick it.

The stitch darning needle is of great quality, and the pressure correction of the mechanical threaded gains perfectly. It also has a zippered bag to hold all attachments within proper bounds, necklaces, sleeves, and decreased feeding for free quilting operation.

Some Most Appealing Features

Some other significant aspects such as automated spool weaving, manually reversed binding and balanced arm are combined with it. A strong generator also works with this automatic needle and thread. It is perfectly and reliably constructed and delivers consistent performance.

Moreover, to understand that the engine feels good, you shouldn’t have to pull the system away. The machine can quilt two cotton fabrics and many fabric levels without any degradation inefficiency, to provide an indication.

To make quilting much simpler, the Janome incorporates snipping engineering. It integrates the built-in quilt ratchet wrench of the unit, the auto-declutch screws sprocket, and the range of 7 mm stitches.

Furthermore, this computerized Janome machine for quilting is perfect for printmakers with a great accessories kit, along with an additional board and 1/4′ foot! The backlighting LED interface with user-friendly controls comes in handy to select quilting.


  • Provides better control
  • Good for beginners and intermediates
  • High-quality stitches
  • Excellent drop feed feature
  • Reverse button


  • Average construction quality

Final Verdict

For artistic designers who would like a clean slate on stitching clothes, home decoration, and needlework, this is the perfect method. So, I strongly recommend this quilting machine to all professional-grade designers and beginners as well

Buying Guide

Stitching machines are world-renowned for their performance, durability, and efficiency. Getting one of these would make the assignment simpler for someone who is into quilting and knitting. As you know there is a huge variety of stitching and quilting machines that you can buy, so, it can make you confused.

Well, there seem to be a bunch of reasons that you’ll have to recognize before purchasing any Janome stitching machine for clothes. So, let’s have a deep look at that features!


On a needle and thread, the amount of inherent quilting is very significant. A broad assortment of stitches makes it possible to explore a few of the industrial sewing patterns and come up with them. Thus, specific kinds of stitching, as well as quilting, often involve certain clothing and accessories.


There are distinct weaving properties in the stitching machine for quilting and some are more powerful than others. High quilting frequency is delivered by powerful machines. You don’t want a really low quilting speed on the unit as you need to make it easier for you to work more quickly.

Convenience Features

Comfort enhancements are designed to make it easy to quilt while enhancing the understanding of sewing as well. The larger they are, the stronger the device, as it will be simpler to use it to perform various tasks.

A flexible arm for quilting across pants hemlines, vests, and other rough, reversible seam reinforcement sewing are the most important factors. Thus, optical sensor sharpeners for strain-free pattern fasteners are also the aspects to consider for. You will need to include a field tray to hold gadgets, amongst others, within the allowable range.

Sewing Speed

The sewing machines for quilting can operate at a reduced speed because it is also for inexperienced sewers. Such that the consumer does not screw up as it could trigger him/her to be get discombobulated by quick material feeding.

Even so, the smartest way will be to have a system with induction motor adjustments so that the customer and the unit can evolve alongside. Typically, as the ability feels stronger, he/she can begin stitching and quilting at low altitudes, then eventually progress to greater speeds.


Since you get things that would require more cash to acquire, attachments are often an additional advantage. In this situation, when purchasing a Janome needle and thread, the much more famous modifications involve additional pins, spools, stitching paws, crowbars, etc.

Now, the downside of the Janome devices is that modifications can be a little pricey. These are rendered with consistency and robustness by providing amazing outcomes so, it penalizes for the expense.


The cost of the sewing machine for quilting is the ultimate factor of the system you get at all times. Take some time to evaluate and identify the most effective offer for the different machines, within your financial reach.

Thus, the target is to get the best system from Janome for the cash you provide. Do not risk the results either! Always go with the Janome stitching machine of the finest experience that you can manage.

Final Thoughts

After reading thru the above analysis, I expect that you’ll be in a happier position to choose the best Janome sewing machine for quilting. You will get to know all the features and specifications along with the top-quality products in this article. 

Moreover, I will also suggest Janome Sewist 721 Sewing Machineas the best sewing machine for quilting. This machine contains all the simple configurations and set-up to make sewing easy for you.  Above mentioned recommendations and a buying guide can help you select the Janome stitching gadget that is for you. So, have one of these stitching tools from Janome, and do share your experience with me. 

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