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Everybody loves LEGO sets. After all, you can build an entire city and name it after yourself. LEGO knows that and keeps releasing new editions to entice our children and us. And like fools, we give in every time. However, for younger children or toddlers, you may want to buy DUPLO Lego for their chunky size. They are harder to swallow and easy to handle.

But they’re not always fun as storage is a hassle and god forbid, if you accidentally knock off one of your child’s latest creations. Let’s not even think about how it feels stepping on them. So, buying a Duplo compatible Lego table for you kid may be a great way to keep your children happy and also avoid the mess.  

Here, we have picked the best Duplo compatible LEGO tables for kids in the market that parents love right now. They are multipurpose activity platforms where your children can express their creativity. Hopefully, they will contain all your desired features and will be a hit with your child.

Best Duplo Compatible LEGO Table for 2021

Children need small spaces where they can let their imaginations run wild. So, if you need an activity table for your children and store their ever-growing toy collection, look no further than down below.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rounded edges for safety.
  • Contains a reversible tabletop.
  • Accommodate multiple children to play at once.
  • Smart and sturdy construction.

Product Details:

Recommended age:                  Kids above 3 years 

Includes:                                       One 2-in-1 Lego Table, 200 building bricks

This newly released play board is available in a variety of colors and is large enough to allow multiple kids to enjoy it together, making it perfect for playdates. Its top is 2-sided, having an illustrated play surface on one side and a building brick surface on the other.

The table is also very sturdy and easy to build. You can assemble it by yourself in less than 30 minutes with no additional tools required. The edges are rounded, so you don’t need to worry about your child running into them and getting hurt.

Its storage space under the playing board can house around 4000 pieces at once. That is highly convenient because the box comes with extra 200 pieces to add to the collection.

However, you must remove the board to access the storage, which can cause the projects to topple if not fully secured. Moreover, the baseplates are of generic brand and do not fit all LEGO pieces, which can be heavily bothersome.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-functional kid’s activity table
  • Comfortable chair for children.
  • All major LEGO brands are compatible
  • 4 pack storage boxes.
  • Easy to install.

Product Details:

Recommended age:                  Kids above 2 years 

Includes:                                      One table, a chair, 128 pieces bricks and 4 storage boxes

The lightweight plastic construction uses high quality, non-toxic materials that are suitable for young children. It is very easy to assemble and even easier to clean. Just wipe away any spills with a damp cloth, and it will be good as new.

Its double-sided board contains a building surface on one side to give your children the perfect foundation for their new project. You can easily fit DUPLO blocks and other brands having similar block dimensions onto it.  

On the opposite side of the board is a smooth platform that can be used to draw, paint, or write and even be utilized as a study area. And if you want more versatile uses, just take off the top and transform the storage space into a sandpit or a small water body.

The box includes only one chair, but you can purchase more if necessary. Recently, yellow chairs beside the original blue that the tables come in have been added to stock.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from wood with stunning white finish;
  • Multi activity table with LEGO mat and plain surface;
  • Regular LEGO, Junior LEGO and DUPLO LEGO fits perfectly;
  • Two huge built-in storage units.
  • Comes with two chairs.

Product Details:

Recommended age:                  Kids above 3 years 

Includes:                                      One wooden table, two chairs and two drawers.

The sturdy construction with high quality wood and a stunning white finish makes it an instant hit product. Apart from its overall finish, it also provides multi activity options, a feature which your child will definitely fall in love with. Just turn over the board an you get two separate activity surface; one activity table for the young builders and a regular surface for study to art and craft activity.

The activity panel supports building blocks from all major brands, including the Regular LEGO, Junior LEGO and DUPLO LEGO ones. It also comes with two chairs, so it is perfect for play dates.

When the playing time is over, just turn over the board and you get a plain white surface, where the children will be able to study and explore their creativity.    

To make it more convenient the lego table comes with two built in storage unit. So when the play time is over you can keep the blocks in one place and avoid any mess.

Before buying this product for the activity feature, keep in mind that it does not come with the building block. You have to buy them separately, but the good news is, the lego mat supports almost all kind of building blocks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double sided multi activity table.
  • Large playing surface with two chairs.
  • Duplo Lego compatible building surface.
  • Integrated with internal storage unit.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Details:

Recommended age:                  Kids above 3 years 

Includes:                                      One plastic table and two chairs.

The sturdy but lightweight plastic built makes it easily moveable and perfect for bot indoor and outdoor use. The double-sided surface can be used for multiple activity from block building to art and craft activity.

This 4-in-1 LEGO table from toys 4 U has a double-sided board containing a building surface on one side and a plain surface on the other side. The Lego surface is perfect for young builder to get creative. In addition, the table in compatible with Duplo Lego, which makes it a great choice for toddlers as well.  

On the other side, you get a smooth platform that can be used to draw or craft and even be utilized as a study area. You can even take it to the beach and build sand castle on it. This is a versatile product and the ease of cleaning makes it even more useful. Just take off the top and here you go use the storage space as a sandpit or a small water body.

This popular Lego table comes with two chairs perfect for toddlers. So if you have two kids or you want to arrange a play date for you kids, the lego table set will become a huge attraction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy installation;
  • Double sided top with multi functionality;
  • Made with high quality materials;
  • Compatible with large building blocks, such as Duplo Lego;
  • Internal storage unit with two separate boxes;
  • Adjustable height;

Product Details:

Recommended age:                  Kids above 2 years 

Includes:                                      One plastic table, 119 large blocks and one chairs.

This 6-in-1 activity table from Exercise N Play is a perfect activity centre for your kid. This lightweight but durable table is made from quality ABS material. The rounded corners and non-toxic materials make it suitable for children.

The table is also very easy to assemble, and the lightweight parts means even your child can enjoy assembling the table.  

Like other activity tables it has a double-sided top. One side for block building and the other for learning activities. Remove the top and the desk can be used as a sand table or water table.

The building top is compatible with large side blocks, such as Duplo Lego blocks. And it comes with 119 large particle blocks and a sturdy and stable chair.

Q & A

DUPLO vs LEGO: What is the difference?

DUPLO is another iconic variant of LEGO. This is a trademark large building block product from LEGO. It has the same function of Lego but twice in size. The bigger size makes DUPLO a much safer option for younger builders. The bigger size also makes them easier to grip and handle. It is also safer for the children as they cant be swallowed.

However, the best thing about DUPLO is that they are compatible with regular size Lego as well. So, children can mix and match them together for complicated designs.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Keep a checklist of the features you want in a play table for your child and buy one that would provide excellent value for the money.  

Surface Size

While most of them come in the standard ‘toddler-size,’ you should still look at the dimensions before buying. The tables should not be so big that the children cannot comfortably use yet big enough for them to not outgrow too soon.

Style and Aesthetics

Even though this play board would be bought for the enjoyment of your child, you would still want it to match the aesthetics and style of your home decor. Also, check that the size fits the room you are planning to put it in.


As is the nature of children, they will be obsessed with their new arrangement for a while. Make sure the table is sturdy and can easily withhold the energy of an excited toddler or more if you plan for multiple kids to use it at the same time.

It is also highly likely that the child will be making a mess on it by spilling their food or drinks on it. Not to mention, it would be their designated canvas for their artistic creativity. So, ensure that the material can be cleaned without a fuss and do not discolor easily.


You should think about your child’s preferred mode of playing. If they like to stand or sit in chairs, the height of the table should be high enough to accommodate a small tool with adequate space for the child’s leg.

But if your child prefers sitting on the floor, it would be ideal to choose a lower height. However, you can never trust a kid’s mind, so get one that can be used both with and without extra seating arrangement. In the latter case, get a little cushion if the table is still a little too tall.


If you need to get extra chairs or if your purchase did not come with one in the first place, you should consider the size, height, and age of your child before getting one. Otherwise, it may be dangerous to use and cause injuries by breaking or toppling.

The material also needs to be durable to handle constant jumping and bouncing and being kicked around a lot.

Storage Cabinets

Extra storage is always welcome, especially when it comes to keeping LEGOs. You want to be able to fit in all the LEGO’s after a playing session to keep the rest of your room clean and tidy.

Moreover, always check that the storage capacity can hold more than your current collection as there is no stopping to buying LEGOs.

Final Words

Children need spaces just for themselves where they can express their thoughts and feel safe doing so. Getting the best LEGO table with multi-functional features would ensure they have a stimulating environment to let their ingenuity flourish and be able to share with others.

So, wait no longer, and get the ideal pick for your kids right now.

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