Best Craft Tables with Storage Units- Top Picks Reviewed

If you are a crafty person, you will be familiar with the problem of organizing a multitude of small things in your workspace. Balancing storage units with room to work with can be a daunting task sometimes. And that why having a craft table with storage is a must for every crafter. It offers a two in one solution while maximizing whatever space you have available.

The market has a lot of craft tables with storage to choose from. Today I will be going over five of the best craft table with storage available on Amazon. Any one of these is going to offer you great value and durability. A good craft table with storage is going to be judged on a few key areas.

It will need to have enough workspace on top to make you comfortable and move your hand comfortably. Additionally, you will need a lot of storage units to serve your different needs. You will also want to be able to maximize your floor space.

Keep reading to see what your best options are for a craft table with storage, so you spend your money wisely.

The Best Craft Tables With Storage:

Best Pick:

Large workspace; Two sizeable cabinets either side; Various drawers; Elegant looking and sophisticated style.

Other Buying Options:

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1. South Shore Artwork – Craft Table with Storage

Highlighted features:

  • Large workspace.
  • Two sizeable cabinets on the front of either side.
  • Various drawers throughout to store smaller items.
  • Elegant looking and sophisticated style.

We are starting with a craft table from South Shore Artwork. This craft table has a relatively large work area made from particleboard. It measures 53 x 24 inches and gives plenty of space to do everything from sewing to jewelry making and more. The layout of the table offers you a maximized workspace for all of your crafting needs.

Storage is an essential component of any craft table, and this awesome table from South Shore Artwork has some great features. There are two sizeable cabinets on the front of either side for storing larger items or totes. On each side of these cabinets are rows of shelves, they are great for storing everything from paper to sewing materials. You also have various drawers throughout to store all the smaller items you require.

The look of this craft table with storage may remind you of an old cottage. It has a very rustic feel with black metal handles and wainscotting. Apart from its utility, this is an elegant looking table and will give a sophisticated look to your room.

I was pleased with just about everything when reviewing this craft table. It maximizes your space and gives a multitude of storage options, while also looking great in any room you put it in. This is a definite recommendation.

2. Sauder Harbor View Craft Armoire

Highlighted features:

  • Workspace remains hidden until you open the cabinet
  • Power bar on the center shelf for easy access
  • Different sized cubbies and shelves
  • Looks like an unassuming armoire when fully closed up

Next up we are going to see what Sauder has to offer in the craft table with the storage market. This is a very different style than the previous mention, but it offers some great options.

The workspace remains hidden until you open the cabinet. The shelf has sliders on it to pull out entirely, which gives you additional workspace for crafts. As well, there is a drop style leaf that will provide you with even more area to work. For some more modern solutions, it has a power bar on the center shelf for easy access.

This cabinet is an absolute joy to own when it comes to storage. It has shelves galore that can hold just about anything your crafty mind could think of. There are different sized cubbies and shelves to suit your needs and make sure everything is properly organized. You shouldn’t have an issue with finding a place for your materials with this craft table/armoire.

I just loved the style of this particular craft table with storage. It has a classy look and looks like an unassuming armoire when fully closed up. Yet, when you open the doors, you are greeted with an organizer’s dream. It takes up barely any floor space, which comes at a premium for most of us; this is a definite plus. I would definitely recommend this if you are low on space but high on style.

3. Venture Horizon Project Center Desk

Highlighted features:

  • Looks like a typical desk of any office
  • Storage space is above average
  • Comes with a minimalist look and available in different colors

For the third craft table with storage in this review, I have chosen this desk from Venture Horizon. Again, this is something completely different from the previous entries, so you can see there are tons of different types and options available.

This craft table with storage looks more like a typical desk you would see in any office. The workspace part of the table offers over 15 square feet to work with; giving crafters plenty of room to sew, glue, write, or whatever their interests are.

Storage space is above average with this particular desk. There are craft tables with storage that offer more, but this one has different advantages over the others. Instead of traditional legs, there are nine separate cubbies on each side of the desk. You can choose to turn these into three larger cabinets, so it gives you a number of suitable options for storage. Drawers are available as an option, which is helpful if you don’t think you would need them.

The aesthetics of this craft table with storage are very pleasing to the eye. It has a minimalist look that is available in a handful of different colors. This table is also gives a great multi-use option for couples or teams that need to work together. It can easily be used as a professional desk, then cleared off and maximized for crafting. I was pleased with the overall usability of this craft table.

If you are looking for a smaller, multipurpose option for your home, this craft table with storage is certainly one worth looking at.

4. South Shore Craft Table with Storage

Highlighted features:

  • Huge workspace and storage facility
  • Customizable storage space for your needs
  • Clean and sterile look

Here we have our second look at what South Shore is offering in the craft segment. This is a very similar design to the first one mentioned, but there are certainly some key differences that make it stand out on its own.

The workspace on top is virtually the same as the first one, made from non-toxic particleboard, and offers a lot of surface area. I was impressed with the pure square footage on the first craft table, and this one offers the same impressions.

The thing that makes this craft table with storage stand on its own is, well, the storage. South Shore has designed the storage so you can virtually customize it all to suit your individual needs. Instead of having rigid, built-in storage, you get two modules that offer a variety of shelves to create your perfect design.

This is also great for people who are involved with a lot of different projects, as you can completely customize your storage for your current needs.

I enjoy the very modern design of this particular craft table with storage. They aren’t trying to go for anything overly complicated. Very smooth and simplistic, everything looks very clean and sterile. This can work in many different room designs, as it really does just blend in with whatever else you want to put around it.

I would certainly recommend this table from South Shore. If you have many different storage needs, this open design is going to be your best friend. You can continuously redesign this table for whatever situation comes up.

5. Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk

Highlighted features:

  • Traditional desk workspace.
  • Plenty of legroom underneath.
  • Offer good storage space but without any variety.

We have come to the last craft table with storage on our list. I wanted to save something a bit unique for the end. Ameriwood has designed a fascinating craft and storage companion with this hobby desk. It has a traditional desk workspace, and there is plenty of surfaces to handle any crafts you throw at it. There is also plenty of legroom underneath so you don’t feel cramped while sitting at the desk.

The storage here is fairly fun and whimsical, if not a little lacking. There are cubbies just about everywhere you look on this desk, but that is just about it. So it does offer a lot of available spaces to store stuff in, there really isn’t any variety at all. The legs are also turned into storage, which is great, but it still doesn’t solve any problems if you need drawers or larger cabinets.

I really enjoyed the overall look of this offering. It just has a fun and appealing design that keeps things a bit lighter. It is also very functional for people who don’t have a lot of extra space to add a craft table.

So, if you are limited with space, this craft table with storage is certainly a good option. For those of you that have some room to work with, you may want to check out some of the other options I have mentioned.

Buying Considerations:

Work Surface size:

You wanted a separate place to craft so that it makes your life easier and work more comfortable. But if your craft table doesn’t have enough work-space, it will only work as a storage unit. Work conform is an absolute must for the detailed craft works. If you don’t have the room to place your essential tools and materials in the table and still have room to more you hands easily while working, your productivity will suffer.

However, your required work space will vary depending on your projects. So before deciding to buy a craft table, make sure that the work space suit your needs. Do not leave anything on the guess works. Make an educated decision. Measure the place that you want your place it.

Identify the size of the work surface you need and keep an eye for the storage units as well. So, before buying a ready-made product, double check the measurements given in the product description.

Storage Unit:

It you are in the market for a craft table with storage, then I am assuming you want the table to store your essential tools and materials. Again, your storage units should meet your demands as a crafter or artist and for that you need to decide for yourself, what kind of storage unit do you want?

People working with large machines, such as sewing machines or printers have different storage needs than say people that work on jewelry making. There are tables match the requirements for both kind of artists. You just have to choose the right one.

If you need lot of different size storage units for your craft work then have a look at our number one pick. It gives you real flexibility in terms of storage capacity. It comes with large cabinets as well as small drawers for storing small items.      

Moreover, be very careful before you buy any table with storage if you work with large machines. Again, do not leave it to any guess work and take measurements before placing your order.  


The items recommended in this article are not easily movable. Most of them need a fixed place, although Sauder Harbor View Craft Armoire gives you the liberty to keep the work-space hidden until you open the cabinet.

Not everyone has the luxury of keeping a separate room or space for craft works. This is especially true for the hobbyists or small business owners working from home. Again with the real estate price sky rocketing every year, some find the portable craft tables as the best solution. There are two kinds of craft tables available in the market in this category. There are;

  • Portable Craft Tables with Wheels; and
  • Foldable Craft Tables.

Both the above type of table can be useful for you depending upon your need. For Portable Craft Tables with Wheels, you can move them around the house easily according to your need. And even keep them in a storage room or in any corner when not working.

However, Fold-able Craft Tables give you the best options in terms of portability. Most fold-able tables can be moved very easily. Some of which can even fit in your vehicle. These tables can be easily stored in your garage or even in the cabinets, if you have the space for it.

Although, the foldable tables are limited in terms of option for storage unit. You may need a separate craft cabinet for your tools and materials in case you decide to go for a portable craft table.     


Height another important thing you need to consider before making the buying decision. One important thing to keep in mind before deciding on the height is whether you want to work while seating or standing.

Not all the tables give you the option of adjust the height of your table, only some portable tables have adjustable height legs. However, that does not mean there is no option of raising the height of your table. There are a few, like placing card boards under the legs. But to avoid the hassle, be mindful of your requirements.

The items of this article are of standard table height made to work while seating in a chair and the heights are not adjustable in this case. But unless you need raised table for some specific purpose these tables should just work fine.


Well, I am putting this point at last, but this might be a very important point of consideration for many. Especially for those with a separate space or room for craft and art works, you would want be have a work station with a sophisticated design that will complement the overall design of your house décor. You have many options to choose from with regards to the design perspective.

Many wants to showcase their work station while others want to hide them away. You can have both these options thanks to the innovative designs and the use of origami style in furniture making.

Our first pick South Shore Artwork – Craft Table with Storage is a classic looking option that will go with any kind of room décor while the second choice, the Sauder Harbor View Craft Armoire gives you the option to hide the work station away in a classic looking armoire style cabinet.

Final Words

So there you have it, I have taken a look at five of the better tablets on the market today. As you can see, there are numerous different designs and ideas out there. What you need to do is figure out what your exact needs are going to be, then see which one is going to meet them. With so many options you aren’t going to have any problem finding the perfect craft table with storage for you.

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