Best Glue Gun Stand with Storage

Melting drips of glue coming out of your hot glue gun may ruin the workplace or table you are working on. Some glue guns do come with stands, but most do not have this function. So it is better to buy a glue gun stand to protect your workplace from drips of hot glues. Glue gun stand is a very useful little product that can save you precious time and hassle of scrapping the glue out of your furniture.

Below we have prepared the list of the best glue guns available on amazon for your convenience.

1. Cartener Hot Glue Gun Holder

Product features:

Secure Hold- This is a really well-built product with a secure hold for the glue guns.

Universal Size- This glue gun stand works well for both regular and mini sized glue guns. Glue gun measuring 4” or less will fit in perfectly;

Qualify Unfinished Wood- Made of quality unfinished wood, so use your imagination to customize according to your choice;

Ceramic Tile- Uses ceramic tile for the drip protection, which is easily washable material.

Storage- There is also space for storing glue sticks, so you can have them within your reach whenever it is needed.

Although the product is easy to assemble, many found it difficult to keep it assembled overtime.

2. Hot Glue Gun Holder from Totally-Tiffany

Product features:

Universal size- This stand works with most sizes of glue guns.

Drip protection glass- A heat resistant glass is attached with the panel for drip protection. Because it is glass, the glues can be peeled off easily.

Good build – The stand is pretty sturdy and made with quality materials.

Storage – A storage for glue sticks is attached with the stand, which makes it even more handy.

The glass is glued to the base of the stand. So it is not easily removable so hard to replace.

3. Holster Brands Hobby Holster Glue Gun Holder

Product features:

Color options- Comes in variety of colors to choose from;

Quality materials- Made from high quality heat resistant silicon;

Unique design- The patented silicon design lets you stick it to any smooth surface such as your table or work station;

Versatility- It can hold glue guns of all sizes;

Storage- Additional chamber for glue sticks, which makes it more convenient,

Convenient- Easily removable, cleanable and dishwasher safe;

Many has complained about its ability of cling on things with heavy objects. However using some tapes to stick it to the table might solve the problem.

4. Surebonder 6500N Glue Gun Stand

Product features:

Great Built- The stand is made with good quality plastic and features a non -stick drip pad to keep your workspace tidy and clean.

Fit for all- This stand is good for glue guns of all sizes, however might struggle to hold on if the glue gun is heavy.

Diameters- The base of the stand is approximately 3 1/2 inches wide and the height is 3 1/4 inches.

Great value- It is cheap and does what it is supposed to do that is hold you glue gun in place.

Because it is made of plastic, it is a bit light in weight. And as such it tips over if not carefully placed. However, adding something heavy or screwing it down to a base will solve the problem.

5. Sizzix Glue Gun Stand

Product features:

Portable- The portable design makes it easy to move and store.

Easy to clean- Easy to clean removable heat resistant mat attached to the stand to protect your work surface.

Design- Classic minimalistic design to go with any setting.

Storage- Storage space to hold 4 10cm long & 7mm diameter glue sticks built in with the stand.

The hinge mechanism on the stand has caused some problem as many found it hard to stay in shape and constantly falling down while using. This is a problem especially faced while using heavy glue guns.

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