Best Glue Sticks for Your Hot Glue Gun

There is no point of owning an expensive glue gun if you don’t use quality glue sticks with it. While buying glue sticks you need to be mindful of certain features such as; versatility, durability, dry time and working temperature. You may need different glue sticks depending on the project of your’s. In this blog post the highlighted features of the best glue sticks available in the market are given below. 

Product features:

Durable: The bond is incredibly strong and durable;

Versatile: Works well in both high and low temperatures;

Weather Resistant: Water resistant so good for both indoor and outdoor use;

Dry Time: Gives 45 second extended working time;

Fairly Priced: Comes is different sizes and are affordable;

Product Features

USA made: This product is made in the United States of America with high-quality materials.

Versatile: Works well in both delicate and hard surfaces; so, gives a lot of versatility to work with.

Temperature: Equally works in low temperature and high temperature as it has dual temperature capacity;

Dry time: Turns from really soft to dry in 45-60 seconds; so ideal dry time to work around;

Adhesive: Produces strong bonds and one of the best quality adhesives for glue guns;

Product Features

Strong Bond: These us made glue sticks produce strong, durable and crystal-clear bonds.

Great value: This product gives great value for money. It is reasonably priced and provides great performance.

Temperature: Equally works in low temperature and high temperature as it has dual temperature glue guns;

Dry time: The glue dries really quickly, in as little as 30 seconds. So the bond is durable but needs to work quickly as well.

Versatile: This glue stick works well for all kinds of materials. So is perfect home or school projects. These sticks come in a universal size so fits as regular big size glue guns.

Product Features

Highlights: You get a pack of 50 pieces of multi-color glue stick for 10 different colors; i.e. black, orange, green, white, pink, yellow, rose, red, blue, and brown.

Temperature: These works in high temperatures (160~180°C) mini glue guns only.

Dry time: Dries really quickly, within 8-10 seconds. So need to be very careful while working.

Specialty: These colored glue stick gives your project an artistic feel and is perfect for art and craft projects.

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