We get introduced to art from a very early age. As soon as we step into our school, art becomes a part of our life. For many, it becomes a personal habit and over time they turn their art into the craft. As we start our journey towards illustration trying using chubby markers which actually works for headings and rough sketches. But slowly heading forward, the parameters of artistic choices change significantly according to our age, taste and the artistic choice that we make.

Markers play an important role in giving any craft a professional look. And Sharpie oil-based markers have earned a name for itself for being the best oil-based paint marker in the market. In this article, the use of oil-based paint markers for craft projects, their benefits over other markers, usage in wood craft projects, other projects that one can do with oil based markers have been discussed.

Before going into the details here is a list of options from Sharpie oil based markers that you can choose from for your projects. If you want the details to keep reading this article, I hope you will get all the details regarding Sharpie and oil-based markers for that matter.

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Different Kinds of Markers for Wood Craft Projects:

Contemporary craft has been made easy via certain apparatus and gears like stencils, frames, custom organizers, etc. Only you got to have the vision of voguish and stylistic graphic content. But, after all the gadgets and hard work what it leaves behind is the marks of the writing utensils which got used. So, our notable search goes on finding the best marker for craft projects.

There are numerous brands and types of markers available on the market to choose from. Most convenient types are

Why SHARPIE is the Best Oil-Based Paint Marker for Wood Craft Projects?

Sharpie markers and pens are specially manufactured to sustain on different surfaces presenting vibrant colors. It is a renowned and eminent marker around the globe. In the present era, sharpie got proverbial popularity within the craftsmen and artists. Availing it predominantly opens up huge liberty to any kind of crafts and illustration projects. Sharpie is also known as an all-purpose marker which makes it the best oil-based paint marker for craft projects.

These pens slide across the surface of any material including rough ones smoothly. This is the reason Shapie oil-based markers always produce vibrant colors with a smooth finish. It is fade and water resistant which gives an everlasting effect to the craft projects. Apart from performance, these markers are also really easy to use. You just need to shake and push the tip of the marker on the surface and it is ready for a professional performance every time. The nontoxic formula of Sharpie is safe for kids and adults so you do not need to worry about working on art projects with your little ones.

Below are some of the salient features of Sharpie oil-based markers which set them apart from the rest of its competition:

Use of Oil Based Markers for Craft Projects

On the matter of permanency of markers, the oil based markers deliver the best result and comprehensive durability on any surface. So, without any question it’s the most chosen and best marker for craft projects recommended by professionals. On the other hand, alcohol and solvent based markers yield an okay performance regarding paper craft while even the oil based markers show up rendering brighter color and undying perpetuation/stability. Regardless, oil based markers pledge users on most surfaces like wood, fabric, metal, rocks, ceramics etc.

Benefits of Using Oil-Based Markers for Wood Craft Projects

Since the matter of wood surfaces, alcohol or water based markers won’t be visible enough on such plane still durability and association with surface remain highly questionable. Which leaves us to a certain choice called oil based markers. Oil based markers shows luminous result on any wood surface regardless of the surface being smooth or rough. Instead of any valiant effort by human, the persistency of marks is always above all questions.

Here’s a brief comparison among available markers for wood projects:

Quality Alcohol basedWater based Acrylic based Oil based
Gloss LowLowLowHigh
Durability LowLowMediumHigh
Variant nib AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Water proof FewFewYesSpecially
Smear proofNotNotMedium Yes
Smooth woodNot persistentNot persistentNot persistentHighly Persistent
Rough wood Not persistentNot persistentNot persistentHighly Persistent
RecommendationNotNotTemporary uses onlyHighly recommended

Other Craft projects that you can do using a Sharpie:

Precise craft projects which can be accomplished using sharpie are listed hereunder,

How to use the marker for best result?

Pro tips and instructions guides are henceforth for proper usage of sharpie markers.

FAQ (Frequent questions and answers):

Q. Can I remove marks of sharpie from surface?

Ans. Yes, you can. Apply a small amount of acetone on to a piece of cotton ball and rub against the surface to remove marks. Nail polish remover can be a home remedy.

Q. How can I fix a dried up marker?

Ans. In the case of a dried-up marker, the marker tip is to be dipped into 91%-99% alcohol solution for about 30 seconds or until it reaches to flow. Also, the product guideline states the product of solvent which can make it flow again on contact.

Q. How to remove marker paint from fabric?

Ans. There are certain ways listed below,

  1. Bleach can remove markers from white clothes.
  2. Usage of citrus juice to remove marks from regular fabrics.
  3. Alcohol or acetone as remover from sturdy clothing.
  4. Rub hairspray or alcohol to remove it from carpets.
  5. Lemon juice, milk, vinegar and borax application over satin clothes.

Q. Can I use toothpaste to remove marker paint?

Ans. Toothpaste can remove marker paint only from smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic, tiles, etc. Though, it is not an efficient way to do so.

Q. How long the paintings do sustain?

Ans. There is no pin point calculation. Though, if the painting is open at outside against sun, water, and wind, then it could last for 3-5 months. Instead, within indoor, it lasts up to several years to a decade upon usage and rubbing it gets through.

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