Art and craft plays an important role in the development of a child. Pottery has been around for thousands of years as a symbol of crafting and creativity. Though it has somewhat lost its practical usage, it’s still widely popular as a therapeutic art form. Pottery craft helps children and can be a go to activity in the wake of Covid 19 and lockdowns. So, if you are looking for an activity that can grow the true potential of imagination and creativity, pottery just might be the perfect activity for your child. Here are some benefits of pottery that can help your kid to develop.

Pottery Craft Helps Children

Playing with clay is fun regardless of your age. But as experts are saying, it’s also good for a child’s development.  Here are reasons why should engage your child in pottery:

A Chance To Explore Creativity

Every kid has a hidden creative side that needs to be explored for proper growth. The parent must arrange and send their kids to such activities to allow them to explore that. And, what can be a better activity to do than pottery? With clays, children can make any shape and thing they want and express their creativity.

Increases Socializing Skill

Pottery might seem like a solo activity, but it also allows for socializing with others. There are other kids of different ages and areas in a pottery class or session. By joining that class, your children can learn to work with them as a team. Ultimately, it just improves children’s ability to interact with others.

Pottery Craft Helps Children

Boosts Self Confidence

As adults, we know the importance of self-confidence in every aspect of life, but our children don’t. So why not send them to a pottery class where they can build something for themselves with others? It’ll create a sense of pride and confidence in your kid. Sometimes, that boost of self-confidence and accomplishment is more important than what children will actually make in pottery class.

Extended Attention Span

Attention deficiency is a serious issue our children have these days. Without completing a task, they tend to jump to others. An activity like pottery can be the perfect way of sorting this issue, as it’s interesting, flexible, and easy to do. In the long run, it’ll help your children to sustain attention and hyperactivity as they continue to adulthood.

Improves Motor Skill and Sensory Development

The art of pottery might seem pretty lite, but it can help strengthen the muscles in children’s arms. Also, the eye and hand coordination required for pottery will help your kid do delicate things more fluently in the future. Furthermore, the smell and feel of clay help heighten the sensory skills.

Encourages Responsibility And Planning

Building a sense of responsibility is important for children to grow as responsible human beings. When a task is assigned in pottery class, it doesn’t matter whether your children can execute it or not; it certainly helps to build the responsibility within. On top of that, children can also learn to plan a pottery project. It’ll help your children plan the direction of actions at different tasks in their life.

Final Thought

As you can see, pottery is more than just getting your children’s hands dirty. There is no activity your children can take up that affects mental and physical growth. So even if he doesn’t learn something, the sheer joy of playing with clay and getting dirty is worth sending your kid to a pottery class.

Judy Eaton

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