Role of Art and Craft for the Development of Children

The first five years of your child’s life are the most crucial phase for his or her development. This is the time when a child’s brain develops faster than any other phase in his life. This is the time when your child’s brain creates millions of connections that lay down the foundation for his life ahead. And art and craft play a big part in the early development of children. Read ahead to learn the role of art and craft plays in the development of your children.

And you will be amazed to see the difference that Art and Craft activities make in the development of your child’s mental and physical health. In the early years, most of the things that a child learns, they learn from playing with various stuff. Let them play with art and craft supplies and encourage them to experiment and explore with them. Then see the excitement in their eyes when they will immerse themselves into the world of possibilities.  

Role of Art and Craft for the Development of Children

From coloring a book to making a sand castle, there is no limit to the arts and craft projects that you can engage your kids into. Arts and crafts activities can help them in many ways. In this article, we will explore some of the key benefits of Art and Crafts for kids.

1. Motor Skills

Motor skill, also referred to as dexterity, is essential for every child growing up. Fine motor skills help a child learn things quickly and easily. However, the development of motor skills is not the same for each kid. Kids with less developed motor skills tend to struggle with movement and coordination. Lack of fine motor skills can affect the child’s ability to write, organize, tying up shoelaces or ever sometimes walking straight might be a struggle.

The good news is that with time and maturity most children overcome these problems. But, many require help and extra attention to get over with their struggles. According to experts, activities involving art and craft can help a child develop fine motor skills. This benefit of art and craft cannot be overstated as it helps children develop their motor skills.

From holding a paintbrush to cutting papers, activities involving art and craft require a lot of movement from the child. They paint, they draw, or sometimes they cut and glue stuff together, all of which are beneficial for their motor skills. The movements ultimately accelerate the development of muscles in their hands and fingers to help them with fine motor skills.

2. Social Skills

Art and Craftworks allow kids to build their social skills. In schools or at home, while working on their projects, children develop essential social skills by interacting with others. In schools, teachers can encourage children to work together in groups to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Art and Crat activity presents an excellent opportunity for the parents to bond with their kids as well. Kids love doing things with their parents and what better way than working and encouraging them in doing fun stuff like crafting and painting together. Do not fear the mess it can create, but concentrate on the lifelong memories that it will create which both of you will cherish for life.

3. Creative Skills:

Professor Elliot W. Eisner (one of United States’ leading academic minds) in his book “The kind of school we need” argued that early education in art can help children develop the general skills related to creativity such as ‘higher level thinking, analytic ability, problem-solving, reflexive thinking, and self-regulation’.

Again many researchers have also stated that children are more creative than adults. They need encouragement to pursue their creativity. Instead of buying devices with harmful screens, purchase art and craft supplies for them. Keep a dedicated craft space. Work on art and craft projects together. Even asking them what they are making is helpful, as this will challenge their creative instinct. Listen to their ideas, let them take the decisions and fake excitement if needed but get excited about their projects. Also while crafting a child has to make many creative decisions, which is very helpful for their mental growth.

Creativity and crafting keep a child mentally active. These activities present an opportunity for them to brainstorm their ideas which keep the brain stimulated. Studies have shown that ‘the early years as a kid are the most active period for establishing neural connections’ and creative works such as art and craft only accelerate the process.

4. Leadership Skills:

Decision making is one of the main aspects of any craft or art project. While working on an art or craft project, a child has to make decisions as to what kind of craft he or she wants to create and how it can be implemented. Whether it is an art project or some kind of craft work, the children pick the materials, colors or tools that he or she wants to use.

Especially craft works require a plan, and by implementing these plans, they will acquire problem-solving and critical thinking skills. During their projects, they will learn to work with a goal and experience of achieving their vision. Again working in a team situation and taking decisions for problem-solving are proven ways to teach children the art of leadership. 

5. Language Development:

Language development is the first significant leap in learning for your kid. It is also essential for the overall development of the child. Art and Craftworks help children learn new words. They learn the names of the colors and other tools they use, which enriches their vocabulary. And in the process of describing their projects, they learn to communicate their feelings and thoughts.

Again children doing art and craft works are more likely to do well in their academic endeavors. Research studies have shown that “students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.”

6. Self Esteem:

Self Esteem is one quality that you want your kid to have. Lack of self-esteem often causes people to fall into depression. Art and craft activities provide the child with a great way to express creativity. With unlimited possibilities, they can use their imagination without the fear of failure. This install confidence in them as with each finished projects they feel a sense of achievement which works as positive reinforcement for their self-esteem.

Tips on how to Encourage your Child in Art and Craft:

  • Turn off the Screens: Keep your children away from screens. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents should keep children younger than 18 to 24 completely away from screens. Even the older kid’s screen time should be limited. By keeping your child away from screens such as mobiles and media you are giving your child a chance to explore activities such as art and craft.
  • Make Time for your Kid: Children like to imitate their parents so find time for your kid and do the art and craft activities together. You may turn it into a personal thing that you and your kid do together.
  • Separate Space for Art and Craft: Keeping a separate space for art and craft work will free your mind of the mess that is about to happen. Decorate the space in such a way that your child gets playful and creative around the space.
  • Make it Fun and Playful: Do not force your child into art and craft. Make it playful and fun. Children are drawn to colors and mess, so I don’t think you will need to do much to engage them in art and craft. But make sure you don’t make it a burden upon them by enforcing them.
  • Make it Engaging and Exploratory: Make art and craft engaging for your kid. Let them explore new things. Try to find out their interests and plan the activities around their interests. Also, keep their age and capacity in mind when choosing art and craft activities.
  • Mix it Up: Surprise your kid with new art and craft supplies from time to time. This way art and craft will not get monotonous to them and their interest will be renewed every time. You can also give them new supplies as rewards for their projects as well.
  • Put your Child’s Art on Display around the House: Decor your house with your child’s art and craft. Ask them to show their works to your friends and relatives. This way your child will feel that their work is important as you are proud to show them to everyone.
  • Show Interest in their Work: Try to be around your children during the art and craft sessions. Talk to them about their work. Ask them questions such as what they are making and what kind of supply is he using. Appreciate their choices and also praise their works.
  • Avoid Giving Directions: Never be critical of your child’s work. Remember..! Art can never be wrong. Don’t be a judge or an art critique instead become an admirer of the art and effort of your child. Pretend and learn from them about their process and their craft.

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  1. I love how you said that by creating arts and crafts a child has to make a creative decision that will help grow their minds. Parents should look into putting their kids in these arts and crafts classes so that they can have fun while developing important life skills and their minds. It’s great that you shared this idea in your article because it will help many parents think about putting their kids in art and craft classes.

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