Getting started with pottery craft- tools and supplies

How to get started with pottery craft? – Supplies and tools

Pottery can be challenging for beginners due to the different tools and technical terms. To make things easier, potters need essential tools and supplies. So, whether you are a beginner or planning to build your pottery studio, I have got the complete list of supplies and tools required to complete the build. This guide help you with getting started with pottery. Below, I have a complete breakdown of the list.


The first thing you’ll need for pottery is a kiln. So, what’s a kiln? Well, it’s sort of an oven used to dry and harden the pottery. Kilns come in diffract sizes and price ranges. So, depending on your budget and requirements, you’ll have to select a suitable one.

Usually, smaller kilns are cheaper, and they can be fired more often. So, assuming you are a beginner, smaller kilns should be a better choice for you. If you’re running low on budget, you can also opt for a second-hand kiln.

Pottery Wheel

The next essential you’ll need to start potter craft is a pottery wheel. This wheel is actually a flat dish attached to a vertical spindle. As the dish rotates with clay, the potter shapes it. Two types of pottery wheels are mostly used by potters worldwide.

You either choose an electric wheel or go for the manual kick wheels. Electric wheels tend to be smaller than kick wheels, so that’s a consideration when purchasing the wheel. Furthermore, faster rotation and variable speed are the advantages you get with electric wheels.

On the other hand, kick wheels are for those potters looking for the good old raw feeling of pottery. However, learning is more challenging as you need to use your hand and feet simultaneously.

Getting started with pottery craft- tools and supplies

Now that you know about two of the key tools or pottery craft let’s move on to some smaller supplies you’ll need.

  • Sponge: You’ll need water to wet the pot that’s spinning on the wheel. And to apply that water, a sponge is necessary. It provides the necessary lubrication and also removes extra water from the inside.
  • Towel and Apron: These are not essentials, but they definitely help to work efficiently as a potter. The apron will protect your clothing, and a towel beside the wheel will help you wipe your hands off.
  • Chamois: It sort of works like sanding paper in pottery. Chamois is used to compress the clay spinning on the wheel. That smoothens the outer surface and adds stability to the pot as you shape it.
  • Cut-off Wires: Another handy tool to cut clay from the wheel and the pots. Whether it’s an extra lump of clay or removing the pot from the wheel after it’s shaped, cut-off wires are a must for the job.
  • Rib: Rib is another smoothening tool like chamois. But unlike chamois leather, a rib is used to smoothen the pot base as it forms on the wheel.
  • Pin Tool: The last thing you’ll need in your potter inventory is the pin tool. Also known as a pottery needle, this tool is used for various tasks like trimming the top edge of the pot and popping bubbles on the surface.

Final Thought

Pottery can be a therapeutic activity for both adult and children. This craft is helpful for the development of essential skills for children. Here we are at the end of the list.Getting started with pottery might seem overwhelming to many. But with the right tools and supplies, the process will become easier. I hope you better understand the tools and supplies you’ll require to start potter. One thing to note here is that these are all the basic tools, the must-haves for new potters. If you want to move to advanced pottery, you can upgrade the toolbox later.

If you want to know more about pottery craft and how to get started with pottery, the pottery guide for beginners may help.

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