10 Best-Selling Handcrafted Necklaces on Amazon

The popularity of handcrafted jewelry is more than ever. People like them for the personal touch and the wow factor that comes with handcrafted jewelry. However, for many, the most significant reason of attraction is the cool option for inscribing personal attributes.

The option of customization according to the need and taste of a person is what set these products apart from other jewelry. Anyone can add their name, sign, symbol, message, location or any other lettering in the jewelry. Plus, the inscription can even be done in any of the buyers’ preferred language. Artistic people can also engrave complicated and futuristic designs.

Besides the necklaces are dainty and neat in style. Surely the unconventional lettering and symbols are eye-catching and attractive. The young generation believes simplicity is the hieroglyph of beauty. The handcrafted jewelry is mostly minimal in style, and this attribute strikes the eyes very quickly.

Given below is the list prepared by us of some of the best selling handcrafted necklaces on amazon. These are popular for their simple but elegant designs.

Best-selling handcrafted Necklaces on amazon:

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18K Gold Plated Personalized Name Necklace

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

This is a neat and exquisite piece with a gold plated pendant. The chain style is an authentic luxury manner named Cobra. For the ease of wearing, it has lobster claw clasp. The clasp usually gives support for a long period. The length of the chain is sixteen inches. It also has extra rings on the chain to extend the chain up to eighteen inches.

There are eight different font styles to put your name through to the pendant. Expert and professional designers design all of these fonts. You also have the free will to submit your custom font or hand lettering. Finished color of the product is yellow gold. The color represents rich gold, not the cheap gold. There is also white gold plated silver and sterling silver color necklaces available if you choose that.

The company also gives an exchange offer for the necklace which lasts up to sixty days.

Personalized Name Plate Bar Necklace

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

This neat piece of a necklace is one perfect aspirant as a present for your “she” or mother or sister or friend or loved ones. The makers of the necklace are well known “Mignon and Mignon.” It has a rectangular pendant (locket), also known as nameplate bar. Its length is seventeen and a half inches in precise.

The chain style is a cable. You are free to use stamped of an engraved locket. Stamped lockets contain profound lines, whereas engraved lines are pretty close to surface and produce a neat look. With this, you can stamp or engrave on both sides of the pendant.

This product offers you to put your custom letters or name on the pendant with a shape (if you want). If you wish to use it as a bridal gift, feel free to select bridal packaging style from the options menu while ordering. There is a material scheme available as gold plated/ rose gold plated and silver plated. For more of your contentment, you can choose from four packaging styles, three fonts, and custom alignment.

The Makers Mignon and Mignon are specialized producers of handcrafted jewelry from Los Angeles, California, US. They started their journey from 2014 with Dohee Lee. They believe in minimalistic yet charming designs. Their most popular products are bracelets, charms, and necklaces.

They offer a wide range of personalization and customization benefit. It can be of any language, message, initials, location guide, symbols, etc. Customer satisfaction is the key to the business as they believe.

Personalized Vertical Hand Stamped Name Plate Bar

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

If you are in a search for a timeless piece of necklace for your loved ones, here is the answer. Necklace with a vertical pendant having a delicate design. The finished product is a glance of exceptional craftsmanship and quality. It is a clean, minimal design with no flaw anywhere at all.

The necklace is an introduction of “Mignon and Mignon.” The surface is finished with a gold plate or rose gold plate or silver plate. Chain length is customizable according to the need of the customers. The seller offers you to script backside as well.

You are free to use any symbol if you like, but the outcome might come a bit smaller as per pendant size. This chain has vertically held the pendant. You can get hand stamped inscription for this product in default, but the maker also keeps the request for machine engraving as well. You can ask for wedding packaging style also.

Sunflower Charm Necklace

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

This is a necklace with a charm for you to adore. Included charm is a shape of sunflower also having a hand stamped initial. Charm is made of antique gold pewter. It would come directly to you from the warehouse of “Toodaughters.”

This product is very affordable and costs worthy regarding its content. The available chain length is from sixteen inches to twenty-four inches. For your precise appraisal, it has rich and satisfactory customer reviews.

The Maker’s “Toodaughters” offers cost-effective products with spectacular design and materials. They offer necklaces, bracelets, pewter, charms, rings, etc. Operations are run from West Virginia, US.

Wire Wrapped Blue Sea Glass Necklace

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

This Hawaiian made necklace which is ware wrapped with blue sea glass is hugely popular for its exotic appeal and quality craftsmanship. This jewelry is a reflection of the beautiful islands of Hawaii and a testament to the “Hawaii Aloha Spirit”.

The sea glass used in the jewelry is specially formed into its unique shape for each pendant and it comes with a 925 sterling silver chain. The chain length can be customized according to the need of the buyer and it uses a lobster claw catch.

This beautiful necklace comes with a ribbon wrapped gift box with “handmade by yinahawaii” stamp and an “Aloha card” for giving the buyer a personalized feeling about each product.

Compass Necklace by Dianpearl

Compass Necklaces

Delicacy is a key element of this necklace. All parts are made with hand including stamping and adjoining small pieces together. Core element relies on is brass. Chain lengths are up to sixteen inches excluding necklace. The pendant is shaped like a compass with direction at every ninety-degree interval.

You receive two necklaces at your doorstep when you buy this. One necklace is of golden color, and the other is silver. The parcel arrives with a charming packet. The packets’ gestures are also changed with time as an expression of the uniqueness of the seller. The chain style is a cable with a lobster claw clasp.

This product’s color is not vulnerable to water. The configuration is thin yet strong enough to bend. Product reviews show very glad expressions from buyers. The company that prepares these necklaces is “Dianpearl.” Dianpearl is a company from the capital of South Korea, Seoul. Their expedition did initiate from 2016.

Personalized Four Sided Name Bar Necklace

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

Another smooth expedient from the home of “Mignon and Mignon.” This has quite a bit different attributes than other of the “Mignon and Mignon” products. You are offered to put four side inscription engraved or stamped at the pendant with a minimal additional price.

You can put up to eight letters into the bar. Instead, if you wish to add a symbol, you definitely can. For adding a symbol, you have to send a black and white image or vector prior to buying. It contains a vertical bar pendant of hexahedron or cuboid shape.

The proposed chain length varies from sixteen inches to twenty-four inches. For now, there is gold plated and rose gold plated finishes are available. Most of the people of ongoing generation, as well as the selling company, believes that simplicity is most charming. Graphic trends have changed to minimalistic to attract attention.

Three Cursive Initials Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace

Unlike other necklaces in the list, this necklace’s pendant is not a bar. Its pendant contains two initials and charm at the middle. You can tweak the symbol and the letters. There are six types of charms that you can set in the middle of initials. It has a very beautiful and clean finish.

The product is dedicated to suit women. The finish is delicate, and you can choose from three of the types. The types are gold- plated, rose gold- plated and silver- plated. The lengths of the chain vary from fifteen inches to nineteen inches where you have to pay an additional five dollars for having twenty inches long chain. Chains come with properly silver-plated consummate. This is another bestselling product from Mignon and Mignon.

Delicate Initial Disc Necklace

handcrafted Necklaces on amazon

This dainty necklace is a non-identical one. The necklace has round pendants containing one initial at each pendant. You can add up to seven pendants. Each pendant costs five bulks instead of the first one which is a default. Chain length varies from twelve inches to twenty-four inches where you have to pay a minimal amount if you want the chain longer than nineteen inches.

There are ten length options that you can choose from. Metal finish has three gestures like other “Mignon and Mignon ” products. The customer service is always great from ” Mignon and Mignon.” There are no hassles with wearing it for a long time and a precise gift for your mother, sister, bridesmaid or loved ones.

Sterling Infinity Necklace

Infinity Necklaces

An elegant and intricate necklace from a repository of “Joelle Jewelry Design.” It contains a sheer divergent piece of a pendant of infinity shape. You are supposed to put up to four names of date with two names while buying. Instead of gold rose gold and sterling silver finish, it has an additional option to purchase with white gold plated design.

There are four inscription recourses at each direction of the infinity sign. They ship within one to two weeks which is pretty fast. If you need faster delivery, you can choose DHL shipping which arrives within three to five business days. The chain style is Cobra and lobster claw as a clasp. A wide range of chain sizes available from fourteen inches to twenty-two inches for your ease of convenience.

Joelle Jewelry is a profound handcrafted jewelry producer from China. Their voyage started in 2013. They offer the most variant range of customization to their clients. Besides, their products come with a sixty days returns and exchange which is a courageous step taken by the authority. They have such confidence in their products. Their products are expanded from jewelry to watches.

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